Hello everyone, we are Klaudia and Giovanni and telling who we are in a bunch of lines is really hard, but I can instead tell you what we have done in recent years and let you make up your own mind after this short but colorful tale filled of memories from my world tour and then all put together! 😉

After the visit to St. Peter’s Basilica we decided to stop for an “ignorant amatriciana” as they call it in Italy, standing for an amatriciana pasta that would fill you for 3 days straight ..That is how intense that meal i! LOL

Then we decided to digest the unthinkable walking through the San Marino walls and later couldn’t miss a refreshing Sangria in Madrid.

After the champagne toast under the Eiffel Tower to celebrate our first year of travel we synchronized our clocks with Big Ben and traveled the length and breadth of Amsterdam on a bicycle, without missing a stop in Poland to taste the famous pierogi and why not, matching it with a nice Guinness in Dublin.

The desire for sweets becomes now strong, so after a stick of authentic Swiss chocolate and a nice slice of Sacher cake in Austria, we leave for a nice trek on the Annapurna to work it all off!

But underneath we know well we are sea types of people, those who swim with turtles in Sri Lanka and enjoy the sunsets of the Greek islands eating salad with feta and the ones who every time they are amazed by the folkloristic Albanian costumes.

From the colorful flower carpet of Brussels we see rising the very high Petronas Twin Towers of the very modern Kuala Lumpur, which is nothing compared to the futuristic Singapore.. After all, we are indeed tied to the history and to the past, therefore paying a visit to those places is a must do: from the Berlin wall, to post-war Sarajevo, to Prague dominated by ancient communism up to a much older Angkor Wat who is millennial heritage and Asian must see.

The beauty of the journey itself is the surprise: so you find yourself in Bulgaria falling asleep in the peaceful Rila Monastery and to then waking up in a sleeper-buss train carriage directed to New Delhi, with 40 very curious Indians surrounding you staring at you with very big smiles.