In the sea-side of Da Nang, framed by palm trees, white sand and picture perfect view the Fusion Maia Resort emerges in it’s own beautiful way on the My Khe Beach, promoting wellness in a very relaxing atmosphere and a 5 star facility equipped with any kind of amenities and comforts.

This resort is perfect for any type of traveller, so if you are solo, a couple or a family it doesn’t matter, they will study your specific needs and make a program that works for you.
One of the several reasons this place is unique are the free treatments that can be enjoyed from the guests, at this Asia’s first all-inclusive spa.
In this resort the focus is on the services of wellness, therefore each guest finds here the perfect place for a lush green pampering holiday where you can either relax or join in activities at your leisure.
There are so many options available, that you can stay literally a month there and try each day different massages and treatments, considering that each guest can have at least two complementary treatments per day.
The SPA is absolutely gorgeous, the serviced one of the best i’ve ever had: beginning from the greeting of the very attentive staff with a cold drink and towel and the quality massages with great technique.
I enjoyed very much also the Yoga classes and the spa saunas and steam rooms that were never really busy, so that you can seriously think about having a relaxing retreat in here to enjoy your selves and fully relax without fearing the presence of loads of people.

I found in the Fusion Maia the perfect place to be on holiday if you’re looking for a well balanced Luxury, relaxing and picture perfect place to be with superb service and professional qualified staff.
The first impression entering the Resort is of amazement, it’s really big and there are different areas where each treatment and experience takes place.
For instance there are two major pools, one in front of the ocean with a majestic view on the colorful sky during the sunrise and sunset; The second one is in the SPA area, different tipe of pool with a beautiful garden and and a relaxing waterfall!

The attention and cure for the garden and plants surrounding the whole facility is amazing, all the colorful flowers and the lush green make you actually feel relaxed instantly after your arrival at Fusion Mais’s.
When I thought I had seen it all, I entered my villa…I was speechless for the second time!
The room is big, looks great and has everything you might need; The bathroom is huge and the bathtub conquered my heart;
From there the view was directly on the private lush garden courtyard with a very own swimming pool, needless to say how much I loved this place and how good I was feeling already.
The next days, I ordered an amazing floating tray to treat myself while enjoying my private pool.


When I travel one of the things that I really seek paired with wellness, is good food!
Well, I am delighted to tell you that it doesn’t matter if you’re a meat/fish eater, a vegetarian or even vegan..This is the right place for you!!
If fact, there are two restaurants: you’ll see the first one entering the facility, that’s the one in which the supreme breakfast is served and where to have elegant dinners if you’re not interested in only vegan or vegetarian options.
The second one is in front of the marvelous pool and ocean, where you can enjoy very healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes without sacrificing flavor, I must say that as an Italian I love food and here at Maia’s I was highly satisfied!

Among the things I appreciated very much is breakfast, that can be served anytime and anywhere; You can have it in your room enjoying the privacy and comforts or you can have it on the beach with an amazing view and of course the most traditional one: the huge buffet where you’ll be truly surprised form the variety and options.
Another thing I seriously love, are the healthy juices and smoothies which made me feel good, light as a feather and depurated..I’m so glad there were so many different one’s I could try every day!

Talking about options, every day of the week is dedicated to a certain practice of wellness concept such as “Enjoy Nature”, “Act Mindfully”,Eat Well” and so on, where all the activities and classes fit the theme of the day.
In the evenings after I had normally had a couple of massages and treatments, I enjoyed staying in the main swimming pool and watch the colors of the sky turning pink and violet with the sunrise ..such an amazing natural show!
Later on I used to have dinner in the restaurant next to the see and enjoy the dj putting some music on the console, in the area that is used daily for the yoga classes.

I have really no words to describe how magic this place is, It’s seriously The Best one that perfectly matches and embodies relax, wellbeing, good and healthy food in a very beautiful natural landscape and amazing resort.
My compliments to the staff and wonderful job they do, filling guests with attentions, kindness, beautiful smiles and constantly caring attitude.
So, if you want to feel rejuvenated, depurated and well with yourself, without sacrificing luxury amenities and services this it the Fusion Maia Resort is the one for you!!