Some say it’s heaven”, this is how my experience with Nexus Resort in Kota Kinabalu- Borneo began…

To treat myself I decided to spend some time in paradise, I’m not exaggerating… Looks really like paradise!

As you guys know now, while travelling I always like to keep things exciting and active trying various things and dividing my travels in different phases, one of those is the super relaxing stay in a Resort.

I like to try different hotels and of course to treat myself in beautiful places where to be cuddled and hundred percent taken care of…well, this is the case of Nexus Resort and the reason I’m sharing with you my paradisiac experience in there.

Honestly talking, after few crazy weeks exploring Borneo and its gems, I went back to Kota Kinabalu where I had to take my flight in a week time, therefore I was looking for a place where to chill, relax and for sure not in the city centre but still not very far from it…that’s when I found out about Nexus.

It’s like a peaceful oasis at about 20 min. distance from KK city centre, surrounded by lush green, infinite golf fields, several restaurants and bars, wonderful swimming pools, brand new rooms, a private 6 km beach and several shuttles every day going to the city, needless to say… totally a full package!!!

This isn’t just the place for me in this case but the right place for solo travellers, couples, honeymooners, families, really big families and any sort of person looking for the right resort who happens to look like a wonderland beach version at 5 stars!

Nexus has the same size of my little small town back in Italy (not joking!) and is the place where you can find peace and leave all the rest behind, as soon as you enter the beautiful long path with all those trees along that form a kind of arch and from there feel already the magic and something different in the air…yep, that’s definitely Peace!

From the first moment I stepped foot in the Resort, I was instantly greeted with big smiles and from very professional but friendly people that made me feel welcome and directly part of the “family”;

It was like going back home again after a very long travel and I must admit I don’t have this feeling very often, therefore I can’t deny from there something clicked and made me feel so comfortable I can’t even tell.

The check-In was fast but very detailed, in fact I received a map of the place and was explained where and what to do in this “mini city”, meanwhile my bags were collected and a very funny butler guided me to the room while explaining few more things about the place

The room was stunning, totally new and had all the spaces smartly organised and all the modern furniture gives a very fresh look to the place;

There’s also a back door facing the garden, where I could directly reach the beach in couple of minutes, in fact all accommodations offer private balconies or terrace where you can enjoy the view or chill while having a good cup of tea.

While exploring the “mini city” I got to spend a day in the stunning Royal Villas, that will be the perfect option for honeymooners or simply people that needs a lot of privacy and loves big spaces and their own swimming pool with sea view.

In fact the Villas are located at enough distance to garante only the guests that are actually staying there will be around and reaching the place by golf cart, now you see how exclusive and special those villas are.

I was just arrived there but as far as I had seen wasn’t what expected but honestly even more, exceeding all of my expectations because I couldn’t have imagined how big the place was going to be!

Just to make you understand how big the place is: even if you stayed a week you could anyway try every single day a different restaurant.

For example, for breakfast you are given tickets that you have to present when going to a certain restaurant, in order to choose yourself where to have your brekkie.

I personally liked having breakfast at the Sunset Bar, where the morning breeze and the sea view add certainly something special to the moment.

In addition to the amazing view, the Sunset Bar & Grill is a casual dining place where the menu is internationally inspired and accompanied by a fine selection of beverage list, the ideal place where to have a nice glass of white wine and a seafood pizza while enjoying the sunset.

This is something typical of mine, I would always do this as back at home and having this said, the pizza is so good that could totally satisfy Italian standards honestly.

Something you would have in every single restaurant is the top service and getting back to the brekkie, there’s a very rich and amazing buffet where to get lost and enjoy every single pancake, croissant and any sort of delicacy without feeling guilty…because there’s no diet holding you in this kind of situations where the food is totally mouth-watering and toothsome.

As for the other restaurants in general, there’s a large variety of food, options and styles to make all guests happy and to decide which one you like best you have to try them all!

At The Penyu Restaurant has a beautiful ambience, amazing service and buffet.

The first night of stay I was delighted to know an international seafood buffet was taking place there, as you imagine I couldn’t miss the opportunity and wasn’t definitely disappointed by the dinner!

Even if I liked all the restaurants, I must admit the Penyu is my favourite!

The King Fisher Restaurant, where I could taste all the popular authentic Malaysian dishes and enjoy a lively local cultural performance on stage.

I found the show very interesting and engaging, totally enjoyed it and judging from all the guests taking part to the performance the opinion is widely shared.

The menu is very rich therefore if you are not sure what to have, then you definitely must try the fresh home-made dim sum served during the lunch…yummy!

The Olives, is the perfect place with a luxurious setting where to have an intimate dining while being served as a king.

I have to say that when you think about the perfect place where to have a first date, the Olives is what comes up to my mind!

In fact, I had a wonderful dinner with my beloved and both of us enjoyed very much the romantic atmosphere and amazing service.

The Noble House, is the perfect place where to have a wonderful lunch with Cantonese and Sze Chuan cuisine.
The menu is very rich therefore if you are not sure what to have, then you definitely must try the fresh home-made dim sum served during the lunch…yummy!

Talking about food and beautiful places I have to mention the Splashes bar, one of my favourite places where chilling and having fun meet halfway creating endless afternoons of sun bathing and Iced fruity cocktails to be enjoyed in the pool’s bar.

If you are more a Pub person don’t worry because there’s the Darlin Darlin Pub, perfect to rock the night away!

As I told you this is like a small town, where you can find every single thing that you’ll ever need.

At this point you think you’ve seen it all and there’s no way you can be surprised, till you see the 18-Hole Ronald Fream Golf!

I had never tried golf before but couldn’t resist the opportunity and made my choice: set an appointment, asked for a teacher, a golf cart and started basically from there.

I could finally see why people does play golf: it’s really relaxing, challenging and as in this case the golf fields are amazingly huge and filled of beautiful colourful flowers and astonishing well kept.

The view is also awesome, from one side you have the typical Bornean jungle on one side and the South China Sea on the other.

The Nexus Golf Resort Karabunai is really appreciated from the guests but also from the locals who absolutely love spending their free time in here!!

Talking about leisure, I had the pleasure to discover that not only their 6km beach was all clean, polished and perfect for those who are looking for fun activities and chill vibes.

For example, calling at Sport Centre I got explained all the activities I could do there and have the supervision and attention of a teacher to guide me through the learning and practicing process.

Therefore, the day after I had a date with my personal trainer Billy, which has definitely been my sports mate at Nexus and the one who has shared with me the water sports achievements such as stand-up paddle board learning and kayak;

I don’t know if I’ve been the best of his students (we would have to ask him but better not, just in case: P) but I surely have had a lot of fun and at least tried and learned something new!

You know what guys? This place made me feel the want to be fit and active, every day I looked for something new to do and to release my tension through sports.

Between the most satisfying ones the hike and the bike ride through the adventurous paths of Nexus gardens where I could see a lot of animals… looked like being in a zoo while working out, amazing!!

Don’t think my holiday has all been filled with activities because I’ve also had my good dose of massages where I literally was so relaxed I even fell asleep.

You really should check out the SPA, It’s huge and looks like the perfect temple for your body and soul!

Only by entering the SPA you’ll already have that feeling of relaxation and chilled vibes calling at your name and asking you to please go for it and have an amazing rejuvenating massage.

I could really talk about Nexus and the 1.000 things I got to do and try there like forever, that’s one of those places where you feel like home, a beautiful wonderful 5 Stars home full of activities.

The services in my opinion is perfect, sometimes while going in luxury hotels I find service too forced and “way too much of everything” …kind of making if feel almost uncomfortable.

Here I could feel the relaxed and beautiful atmosphere all these people are working in and you can tell they really do enjoy their jobs and spread smiles and positivity everywhere… I honestly love it!!

I sincerely feel I’ve had a great experience at Nexus and hope to be soon there again!!