While enjoying a drink from one of the many lounge bars in Kota Kinabalu’s famous waterfront, I was watching the stunning sunset and couldn’t help it but noticing this white beautiful boat with rainbow coloured led on the sides, catching all of my attention.
My first thought was, if I’m enjoying the view from here imagine how cool it would be from the boat sailing in the sea… therefor I didn’t wait a second and started to make some researches about the North Borneo Cruises!

What instantly made me smile, was the fact that I could pick any day and fin it in my programs because it’s one of those activities, that is long enough to enjoy the experience but not too long to result boring or take too much time when on a journey.
Since this looked like the perfect thing to fit in my weekly programmes in KK, I decided not to wait long and book it as soon as possible!
I basically decided to go for this experience because it’s always a good way to meet some people, make new friends and probably learn something new about the place and last but not least I wanted to be embraced by the sky and wonderful colours of the sunset that I’m going to show you later…hang on for a bit! 😉
This is one of those things that I wouldn’t have the chance to do back home and for sure not in such a chilling and relaxing place, frankly speaking also because there is a limited number of guests that can host at once, therefore it’s never going to be crowded, noisy and you’re surely going to be fully taken care of.
Something you might want to know is that this is the one and only cruise in KK, therefore you can understand it’s really something unique about the place.

The ticket per person is only 235 MYR per person (less than 50€), you can directly purchase it online from www.northborneocruises.com or directly from their booking office “The Marina Clubhouse” (as I did).
The North Borneo Cruise will take me for 2 hours ride across the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine park and down the central coast gliding along the city’s famous Waterfront.
Obviously the Cruise route can be changed without prior notice in case of bad weather or sea conditions but no worries, you’ll always be able to enjoy that unique magic atmosphere that only sailing at sunset time can give you.
In the experience you’ll not only be enjoying a 2 hours cruise ride but I’ll get to taste an International buffet dinner and Live entertainment on board which I’m going to tell you more about later.

About the Borneo Cruises Boat, you should know that leaves every day at 16.30pm from Sutera Harbour- Marina Jetty (to 7pm), You’ll directly see their counter and staff across the jetty or you could simply ask, and the friendly people there around will be able to address you to the right place but I guess you will directly spot the boat itself too.
Once you’re at their counter where you have to register and in a couple of minutes you’re ready to go and finally have your cruise experience started!
As soon as I stepped foot on board, a very smiley staff greeted me and I was very glad to notice that all of them were very young, therefore I had the feeling if was going to be a very fun and easy atmosphere where to easily blend in.
Once inside I couldn’t help but noticing this well kept and smartly organised spaces between the buffet, the tables and stage where to dance and where the live music is performed.
I was escorted to my table, right in front of the band playing very cheerful music for all nationalities and guests.
This was very much appreciated from all of us because all people from different countries could have their own moment, in which to sing along and feel very special and kind of bond with the awesome singers and the funny- entertaining guy playing the instrument with them.

Once that all people had taken their seats and places the crew kindly informed all of us to enjoy the experience and the very rich buffet.
About the food: it’s an international dinner, therefore you’ll find any kind of thing able to satisfy guests from various countries and make them all happy.
The quality of the food was very good, tasty, various and really exceeded my expectations!
I honestly went for trying a little bit of everything, in order to have a wide and clear opinion about the served food and I haven’t others than a positive judgement about it.
You guys probably know that I have a sweet tooth, I’m glad to tell you I could taste many many freshly made cakes such as the rainbow and Chocolate cake that left me speechless… such a delightful joy!
As a good Italian, I must admit that a good coffee at the end of the perfect meal is really needed and was really glad about the coffee and tea machine next to the sweets, at the disposal of all the guests.
I must warn you that there is such a rich variety and options that you’ll probably feel in right to taste everything and go for a second and even a third round, if you’ll have any other space left.
I honestly enjoyed every single moment of the dinner: good food, good live performing music, fun with newly met people and an amazing view from the boat.

Talking about view, right after the meal was about time to take a look outside and enjoy the colours of the sky that was changing at sunset time making the atmosphere very romantic and special.
The breeze from the boat was really appreciated when enjoying the last rays of sun… I’m really glad I went for this experience!!!
I took my time to appreciate the moment and learn something more about the Water Village and locals, sharing my opinions and ideas with all the nice people I had just met.

Something I want to underline, is the great presence of all the staff that is really attentive making sure all the guests are well and appreciating the North Borneo Cruises.
They are very friendly, caring and professional and this is shown from their attitude and smiley faces, they don’t just do it because it’s their job but because they genuinely do care and want to make sure each of us has a wonderful experience on board.
I must admit I had a lot of fun with the Live performers, they were really so engaging that for the first time ever, I took part to a dance on stage and singed with them and I must say I was surprised with myself.
The experience was ending more or less as It all started, with the wonderful view on the many lounge bars in Kota Kinabalu’s famous waterfront..simply amazing!