Highly performing social media photos thought to perform very well on social media and online campaigning.

Thanks to the composition of the picture itself and captivating editing made to impress viewers and catch their attention.

Those pictures can catch not only the identity of the place but highlight the experience that you’re offering to the guests and make it different from others with our help!

This kind of photography wants to highlight the hotel’s design, concept and decoration without interfering with the setting or the lighting. It should make the best use of both natural lighting (sunlight) and artificial lighting (lighting fixtures).

All the final images that your photographer will eventually create should showcase all the elements that make up the individuality and uniqueness of the spaces, and which highlight the overall atmosphere of the accommodation.


A complete photo shooting session of the facility is made to underline the qualities of the facility and showing it from a new perspective, making it look unique and showing it from different angles and edited in a very soft way, just enough to make the photos look warmer and more polished but without making them look fake or deceiving to the guests.

Thanks to our expertise in the field we will be able to make efficient hotel photo shoot that will deliver the best results for your property, making the difference in your hotel’s visual promotion and help you stand out from the competition without faking or changing the looks of your facility but by using its existing true qualities.

These pictures are perfect to increase your bookings and, evidently, your hotel’s total revenue just by placing your facility in the correct way to your potential future customers through all the OTA platforms.

How photos can influence your revenue?

It’s simple, the final photos of your hotel must be linked and identify its concept, design and architectural design. At the same time, they should reflect the hotel’s ambience and trigger emotions that your potential guests will experience.

They have to instantly bond with what they see and chose it over many other facilities, and we will give them more than a reason to do so! Your guests are no longer simple hotel guests, but visitors who are looking for unique, personalized and authentic experiences during their stay that can only live in your hotel.


Feast your eyes on some of the best drone photos ever taken!

We are equipped with high-end cameras to achieve the best results possible and to create the most pleasing content to the eyes in showing your exceptional facility!

Some of the coolest pictures and aerial drone images you’ve ever seen that edited in our way will be unique and will definitely make your facility stand out from the others not only in the looks of your facility but in the way you are presenting yourself to your guests.

Your hotel bookings are significantly supported by your photo material, therefore your pictures should show authentic, experiential, unique, and enjoyable experiences. Ultimately, these photos “connect” your guest with the hotel’s ambience and atmosphere and create an emotional commitment.

After all, the whole concept of storytelling is inextricably linked to the study and design of theatrical scenes and that’s why you should chose professionals to do it!

We use professional equipment but how we use it and our experience in the field as content creators and social media creators makes the difference and is the real deal.


Analysis of the facility and identification of the most photogenic spots, as the most Instagrammable ones e.g.

The process of a professional photo shooting for OTS platforms and the creation of Social Media content is in a way linked to this process, but specifically this stage can be done alone to study the perfect angles where your guests could take the so called “Instagrammable pictures”, better known as beautiful pictures that would perform well on social media.

If you don’t have any particularly beautiful spot yet, it’s because nobody knew where to look for if there is one we’re going to find it, if not we’re going to create it for you and your guests!

Why this is so important? This is fundamental for any business, because the more your guests share about your property the more people are going to know about it and talk about it. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, so better having out there a ton of pictures talking about the experience there and how cool the place is in just a photo. Photos are important ad define the perception guests will have of the palce itself without even being there.

We have successfully created and spotted many places where guests have shared hundreds or in some cases thousands of photos, and many of those are gone viral on social media..that’s how impacting and important this step is!

Social Photo Shooting
€ 499
40 Edited Photos
1 IG Post @onlyfortravel (160K)
15 IG Stories @onlyfortravel (160K)
1 Tripadvisor reviws of stay
Social Photo & Video
€ 799
40 Edited Photos
1 Professional video of facility (1 min.)
1 Upload on our Youtube channel (1.5M views)
2 IG Post @onlyfortravel (160K)
15 IG Stories @onlyfortravel (160K)
1 Tripadvisor reviws of stay