The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, (member of Marriott International’s Autograph Collection) embodies perfectly the elegant colonial style brought from the traditional Britain of 1932, translated and successfully adapted locally but is
of course also fully equipped with all modern comforts and luxuries.
The facility emerges in the area, most of all because of it’s bright white colonial colour and style, last but not least Its strategic position is absolutely undeniable.

Looking for a hotel can proof to be challenging in a big and chaotic city such as KL, I know it’s very difficult to find the perfect place which is close to the main attractions and taking in consideration your priorities and needs, you have to go through all the options and find the one that suites you best.
There’s always a good option available..mine was surely this one!!
The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a luxurious 5-star property conveniently located in a quiet area and at only about 7km from the centre of Kuala Lumpur.
The most important thing is that, even if you’re looking for an amazing quiet place, you don’t have to go too far from the main local tourist attractions (such as Masjid Negara, Islamic Arts Museum and Dayabumi Complexas which as in this case aren’t far from the Majestic Hotel).
Also easily within reach are the famous Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park and National Museum considered between the most visited places in the city.

Getting back to the hotel, the property is very big and you can actually have a clue starting from the huge lobby with the maejstic chandelier at the new main entrance;
on one side of the lobby you’ll find the Contango Restaurant that can be fully considered an interactive experience with open show kitchens with both Western and Eastern cuisine, there’s no doubt this huge restaurant will definitely have what you are craving for in it’s buffet and you’ll be surprised by the excellent quality and attention the Chefs pay while cooking and showing their passion on stage.
The Contango is also the main restaurant where a very rich buffet is served in the morning, filled of different cuisines and chefs cooking all morning long fresh and ecsquisite dishes for the guests, the best way to have your day started!

On the other side of the lobby you’ll have the lifts and escalators to connect you with the different areas of the facility.
As a matter of fact the hotel can be divided in two different sections: the Majestic Wing representing the original building, therefore the “old” side and from the 2012 the Tower Wing representing the new part of the building.
I had the pleasure and privilege to stay in the Majestic Wing, in one of the most precious rooms: the Governor Suite.
My wonderful colonial styled Governor Suite characterized by it’s elegant style, is a spacious room of 570 sq foot with view on the quiet courtyard; there is a separate living room and a studio corner where I could work peacefully and reach my loaded minibar and a 24H Food&Drink room service.
The bedroom keeps the same elegant style and big size as the living room and something I appreciated above all, is the super comfortable king bed being definitely the superstar of the bedroom!

It the original side of the building you can still have the original experience of the Tea Time as once was, in the very elegant Tea Lounge or either the precious Orchid Conservatory.
I wanted to feel the experience of a relaxing afternoon tea, where you are fully immersed in a picturesque place, filled with Phalaenopsis Orchids of different colours that give the place this unique look; this conservatory is so special with it’s orchid rainbow collection that is the set of many engagements, anniversaries and bridal showers.

Once you’ve had your 5 o’clock afternoon tea, I would suggest you to enjoy the chilled atmosphere of the Infinity pool, where you can sun bath and simply have a cocktail while relaxing and enjoying the place which has the view on a beautiful white building of the Railway Station, the perfect stage for a fabulous Instagram shot!

An alternative to the chilling afternoons in the swimming pool I would suggest to go for some sightseeing since the must see and do things aren’t far from the hotel, as I mentioned before.
Regarding the dinner, it’s really up to you because you can simply go at Contango’s looking for some inspiration and probably tasting different cuisines of the chef’s cooking directly for you and in front of you with it’s open show kitchens.

Another option is the Colonial Café, a very elegant restaurant where the dress code at dinner time is obviously required.
The menu a la carte is well thought and really complete offering a variety of choices in order to satisfy the most demanding customer for sure.
The atmosphere at the Colonial Café evokes a bygone era that was genteel and elegant while at the same time appearing relaxed and comfortable; what makes it also enjoyable is the live performance of the famous Solianos, performing Jazz music.’
The Solianos, are the only family in Malaysian show business who can claim a heritage of jazz that dates back in the nation’s history, thanks to Alfonso and Tony Soliano who were considered living legends in their time.

An after dinner place which I’m sure will be fully appreciated form the male kind or generally smokers, is the Cigar Club, where the cigar lovers can get to smoke and relax freely while having a drink and enjoying themselves.

I would say I have never really had the opportunity to appreciate the colonial style as much as I could in this place, I was stunned by it’s beauty and well preserved original pavement in the original wing as well as many other decorating elements around the facility.
There’s no wonder the Majestic Hotel is rated between the top 15 best Luxury Colonial Styled Hotel ever in South East Asia.
The staff above all proved to be very professional, responsive and ready to help all the time and I can’t have other than a positive opinion about the Hotel and all the Staff members…There’s no doubt the authenticity and well preserved original wing of the whole building as well as the beautiful new Tower Wing gained a special spot in my heart, therefore I can honestly say this is my favourite Colonial Style hotel in KL!